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Guided by our master chocolatier Tlalit's commitment to perfection, ADEA Chocolate delivers premium, freshly made chocolates crafted from the finest ingredients. With options for personalized edible logos or designs, our chocolates are perfect for any occasion. Choose from various packaging sizes and make a statement at conferences, product launches, or as special gifts for valued clients and employees.


Quality cacao from around the globe

The finest products are chosen to prepare the pralines and other chocolate products. Chocolate from around the globe is selected and different cacao masses are used in each product to create a balanced flavor.

Our chocolates are always fresh.


Branded Chocolate

Elevate your corporate events, conferences, or meetings with partners by offering them a taste of luxury. Our handcrafted chocolates serve as the perfect business gifts, adding a touch of elegance and appreciation that leaves a lasting impression.

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Tlalit Packer

Meet Tlalit, the woman behind Adea Chocolate, a former Manhattan lawyer who left her successful career and turned her love for chocolate into a thriving business in The Netherlands.

The name Adea is a combination of the initials of her four children, adding an extra layer of personalization to her company.

Driven by her love for chocolate, Tlalit considers herself privileged to have transformed her passion into a profession. For her, working with chocolate every day is an exciting adventure.

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